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Automotive Author: Build Your Brand and Business with How-To Books! Reach Even More Automotive Clients!

by Kim Staflund

Publisher - Kim Staflund, Polished Publishing Group (PPG)

Category - Business & Management

There is a form of online book sales and marketing known as “rapid release” publishing that many of today’s most successful independent authors are using to sell thousands of books every year. Some of these authors are consistently earning six-figure incomes. WHY AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIANS ARE PERFECT CANDIDATES FOR SELF-PUBLISHING I believe automotive service technicians are among the perfect candidates for this form of self-publishing. Why? Because of your diverse demographic (e.g., seniors, middle age adults, young adults, males, females, et cetera) and the varied subject matter you can cover (e.g., vehicle maintenance and repair for all kinds of different makes and models, various automotive parts and how they work, et cetera). When it comes to topic matter, the sky is the limit in your field; and “rapid release” publishing provides an opportunity for you to expand your business to genuinely help more people—the do-it-yourselfers—without over-extending your current workload. Think of this as a unique way to clone yourself. Browse through the table of contents for this ebook and you’ll see a blueprint for how automotive service technicians can design how-to guides for their clientele. Throughout this book, I share case studies and links to other experts who are reaching out to people like you, via the Internet, to show you how to grow your business in all kinds of unique ways you may never have considered before. You can do the same thing with the “do-it-yourselfers” in your own industry—you can teach other aspiring automotive service technicians how to help themselves, too. As someone with 25 years’ experience in book publishing, sales, and marketing, I can show you how to self-publish automotive service technician guides that will allow you to supplement your income in an efficient way. I know you’re already busy enough as it is, and there are only so many hours in the day, so efficiency is crucial. I get it, and that’s why I think this professional self-publishing program is perfect for you. WHY EBOOKS ARE THE PERFECT “HOW-TO” FORMAT FOR AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIANS Everyone learns in his or her own unique way. Some people are more visual learners who prefer to savour and digest the text in front of them, at their own pace, in the quiet comfort of their favorite learning areas. An ebook allows them to do this. It also allows them to go back and review what they've read, to give it further thought later on. Here’s another huge benefit of ebooks and ereaders for aspiring automotive service technicians. They are highly portable, and several ebooks about various automotive topics can be stored together in one compact device. This allows learners to prop their lessons up on a table or wall next to their work stations rather than clumsily thumbing through bulky paperbacks or hardcovers. WHY SIGNIFICANT INCOME IS POSSIBLE FOR AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIANS Over the years, I’ve learned that the traditional (trade) book publishing method doesn’t work well for everyone. I come across more and more professionals who want to publish a book for all kinds of different reasons—to promote a business, educate or inspire others, et cetera—and they want it done quickly (e.g., within four to six weeks), and with a minimal upfront investment. This ebook will take automotive service technicians through an easy-to-follow, fast self-publishing process that can lead to significant passive income down the road. NO INTEREST IN WRITING A BOOK YOURSELF? THAT’S OKAY. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Although some automotive service technicians have the time and ability to write their own books, others might choose to hire a professional ghostwriter to help them create that compelling narrative. Both are acceptable ways to produce a book. In this ebook, I’ll show you how to find an affordable professional ghostwriter to help you write your how-to series so you can keep doing what you do best on the side.

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