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Injection Moulding Machine: Parameters and Product Improvement Guideline

by Abd. Khahar Nordin, Norfauzi Tamin, Mohd Hadzley Abu Bakar

Publisher - PENERBIT UTeM

Category - Engineering & IT

The Injection Moulding Machine : Parameters and Product Improvement Guideline consists guidelines to machine parameters and solve any problem while producing product and to meet the highest quality to control product rejection. The machine parameters involve how to indicate the dosage of the product, injection pressure set-up, tonnage clamping, to reduce flashing, injection time, back-pressure, cushion, heating control and procedure of open and mould close position. Nevertheless, main product improvement need to be full attention on graph result at the machine screen also have describe on this book as an information. The maintenance procedures for injection moulding also written clearly about the hydraulic system, cooling channel, barrel cleaning, extruder screw and mould polishing.

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